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Humidity Pro founder and racing driver / TV presenter Martin Utberg has been a familiar face in the classic car world for many years. With participations in famous classic races and rallies such as the Mille Miglia, La Carrera Panamericana, Grand Premio Nuvolari, Silvretta, Sachsen, Ennstal Classic and many more of the world's finest events and with hundreds of racing and rally kilometers on his resume, he knows the world of classic cars inside and out.

At these classic car events Martin Utberg heard about the damage that high humidity causes to classic cars and he spoke with many oldtimer owners about their biggest nightmare; corrosion. When he investigated this problem, he came across the fact that in Europe there is an average humidity between 60-80%. And in case of rain in hot weather, the humidity is even higher. Add to this the knowledge that corrosion starts at 55%, and the idea to solve this problem for his friends in the classic car world was born.

In the meantime, Martin made another discovery. Not only is corrosion a danger to classic cars, but an equally large threat is mold and bacteria. Much to his surprise, many car owners said that the musty smell in their car was the smell of old leather, while the stench comes from fungus and bacteria in the carpets, on the surface of the leather and especially of the horse hairs in the seats. Fungus and bacterial build-up starts at 62% air humidity.

Nowadays Humidity Pro not only supplies dehumidifiers for classic car storage, but also for swimming pools, basements, storage rooms and houses. Partner Emma Yates is the tower of strength as the office manager and with the expertise and service of the Dantherm group behind the Humidity Pro, what once started as an idea to help friends became a stable and successful family business.

Humidity Pro founder Martin Utberg with F1 driver Adrian Sutil during the Mille Miglia 2018

The English company Calorex has been a producer of industrial dehumidifiers for 30 years and is part of the Dantherm group, the world market leader in the field of dehumidification, WithCalorex. a cooperation agreement was signed and Humidity Pro was born. The first cautious steps showed that after a year no significant complaints had come in and slowly the reliability of the devices and the company Humidity Pro started to stand out. This is partly due to the working method and service, which a small but committed company can still offer. No device leaves the logistics department without being tested for 24 hours and after sales is of paramount importance to Humidity Pro.

The basis for our successful company is our family