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The Humidity Pro DH150 is an industrial dehumidifier for large rooms and halls that can be delivered in both a 230V and a 400V, 3 phase version. The Humidity Pro DH150 can extract as much as 150 liters of moisture a day and it is ideal for large storage areas. In spite of its large size and its strong performance, the DH150 works silently with 58 decibels. The Humidity Pro DH150 has an automatic defroster, making the device suitable for a temperature of 0 degrees Celcius.

Humidity Pro DH150

The Humidity Pro DH-Series has been developed for classic car owners. Classic cars are extremely sensitive to corosion. Unfortunately a roof over the head of your classic jewel is not enough. The Humidity Pro Series keeps the humidity below the safe level of 50% automatically. Throughout the year.

Humidity Pro dehumidifiers protect vulnerable metal surfaces against corrosion and dry damp rooms considerably faster than when they are only heated. This is important for cars that are parked or stored indefinitely and are exposed to damp air. Also, cars dry faster when they come back from a ride in the rain. In addition, a Humidity Pro dehumidifier provides a slight degree of heating.

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