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The Humidity Pro DH60 is the powerhouse of the series and has been developed for larger garages up to 1280 m3 (depending on the circumstances). This device is also prepared for installation on the wall or can also be placed on the floor using the optional stand. The DH60 can be fitted with an external pump if the condensation water has to be drained over a large distance. The DH15 has an automatic defroster, making it suitable for use at low temperatures.

Humidity Pro DH60

The Humidity Pro DH-Series has been developed for classic car owners and motorcycle garages. Motorcycles are extremely sensitive to corrosion. Unfortunately, a roof over the head of your favorite two-wheeler is not sufficient. The Humidity Pro Series keeps the humidity completely automatically below the safe level of 50%. Throughout the year.

Humidity Pro dehumidifiers protect vulnerable metal surfaces against corrosion and dry damp rooms considerably faster than when they are only heated. This is important for motorcycles that are parked or stored indefinitely and are exposed to damp air. Also, motorcycles dry faster when one comes back from a ride in the rain. In addition, the Humidity Pro provides a slight degree of heating.