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Mobile dryers are usually used in emergencies or temporarily solving a moisture problem and therefore not only have to be powerful, but also reliable. Humidity Pro only offers professional and semi professional dryers that have been produced in Europe. The DH 721 and DH772 are semi-professional dryers that are suitable for both indoor and office use and the Porta-Dry 300 and 600 are real industrial devices that have been developed for heavy-duty work. The Humidity Pro Series keeps the humidity fully automatically below the safe level of 50%. Throughout the year.

The Humidity Pro DH721 is a lightweight, semi-professional dehumidifier and helps prevent odors, mold and condensation in damp rooms. It is also useful for speeding up the drying process after painting and repair work. The dehumidifier is equipped with a built-in hygrostat and can remain on constantly. This durable machine is suitable for rooms up to about 390 m³. The excess air moisture is condensed and collected in the water tank with a capacity of 4.7 L. The dehumidifier automatically switches off when the tank is full, but it can also be connected to a water hose for constant removal of the condensed water and constant operation . Annoying odors are absorbed by the air filter. The dehumidifier that is easy to transport and works silently.

Humidity Pro DH721