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The Humidity Pro DH772 is a real powerhouse for a very low price and dehumidifies up to 72 liters per 24 hours. This semi-professional device works in rooms up to 850 m3. Thanks to its high-quality components and robust construction, this device is suitable for both private and semi-industrial use. The ergonomic handle not only offers easy mobility, but is also the standard at the same time. Two large wheels make maneuvering very easy. The performance of the DH772 is unrivaled compared to devices in its class. Moreover, this stylish but powerful dehumidifier is very user-friendly. The built-in hygrostat ensures that the desired air humidity is always achieved. The Humidity Pro DH772 can easily do its work 24 hours a day. Day in day out.

Humidity Pro DH772

Mobile dryers are usually used in emergencies or temporarily solving a moisture problem and therefore not only have to be powerful, but also reliable. Humidity Pro only offers professional and semi professional dryers that have been produced in Europe. The DH 721 and DH772 are semi-professional dryers that are suitable for both indoor and office use and the Porta-Dry 300 and 600 are real industrial devices that have been developed for heavy-duty work. The Humidity Pro Series keeps the humidity fully automatically below the safe level of 50%. Throughout the year.