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The Humidity Pro DH-Series starts with the smallest in the family, the DH720, which because of its high performance and silent operation is very suitable for dehumidifying your home. DH721 and DH772 are semi-professional dryers that are suitable for both indoor and office use.

Humidity Pro dehumidifiers protect against corrosion of vulnerable surfaces and dry damp rooms considerably faster than when they are only heated. Your valuables retain their value in a room that has the right humidity. For humans, an air humidity of between 45% and 50% is important for our health. Too humid is unhealthy, but too dry air also damages our health.

The Humidity Pro DH720 is a compact but powerful condensation dryer for small rooms and removes the humidity from rooms and counteracts the development of mold and the development of bacteria. An active filter prevents unpleasant smells. This air dryer has a wide range of applications, including in homes, garages, cellars, libraries, drying rooms, and bathrooms. The desired humidity level can be set by the internal hygrostat and when the 5 liter collector is full, the appliance stops, so that flooding is not possible.

Humidity Pro DH720